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Archives for December 2006


Just as I was about to release 1.1 as stable, a bug that appears to be minor was reported. it turns out, that it was not so minor, and the fix was pretty massive, and although I gave FireStats some serious testing after I fixed that bug, I can’t be sure I didn’t miss anything. […]

30 December 2006 | FireStats | 5 Comments

Swedish translation

Rikard Ronnkvist  contributed Swedish translation, thanks!

30 December 2006 | FireStats | Comments Off on Swedish translation

FireStats 1.1.1-RC1

FireStats 1.1.0 was downloaded by 150 people so far and I didn’t get any significant error reports, so its now a release candidate for the 1 was kosten viagra.1 release. there have been several trananslation updates, but some translations are still missing.

22 December 2006 | FireStats | Comments Off on FireStats 1.1.1-RC1


FireStats can now monitor Joomla installations! I created a basic (very basic) Joomla plugin that integrates Joomla with FireStats. installation instructions here.

20 December 2006 | FireStats | Comments Off on Joomla!

FireStats 1.1.0-beta

FireStats 1.1.0-beta is out. Changelog: Bot-list updates automatically. Bot-list import and export. Bot are now filtered using regular expressions Its now possible to select the time-zone of the displayed statistics. Initial Django integration (Thanks to Dan Getz) Startup load time improved WordPress only New WordPress settings tab Sidebar FireStats widget Comment icons: OS, Browser and […]

16 December 2006 | FireStats | 7 Comments

Italian translation contributed

Marco Peverelli  contributed Italian translation, thanks! FireStats is now translated to 10 languages!

15 December 2006 | FireStats | Comments Off on Italian translation contributed

Polish and Danish translations contributed!

Just on time for my birthday: Peter contributed Danish translation and Kuba Zwoliński contrbuted Polish translation! Thanks guys!

9 December 2006 | FireStats | 2 Comments

Fixed sociable plugin

There is a bug in Sociable wordpress plugin that break FireStats tabbed pane and some other wordpress plugins. I fixed the bug, and emailed the fix to the author. until he accepts the fix, here is a fixed version of sociable.

4 December 2006 | FireStats | Comments Off on Fixed sociable plugin







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