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Archives for March 2007

Security hole closed

A security hole was discovered and fixed. The hole effects all versions, and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Users of FireStats-1.1.5-stable should upgrade to 1.1.6-stable. Users of 1.2.0-beta should re-download it.

13 March 2007 | FireStats | 5 Comments

New Chinese and Japanese translations

Its been pretty quiet in the Languages front for a while, and all the sudden there is a load of Activity: SinoNeptune contacted me with a new Simplified Chinese translation, the next Day AWFlasher contacted me here on the blog about the same thing, and now they are cooperating and maintaining the translation together. I […]

9 March 2007 | FireStats | 2 Comments

IP2Country database updated have released a new version of their ip-to-country database and I have updated the database in FireStats. Users downloading the new 1.2.0-beta will get the new database straight out of the box. Users that are using an older version can update their ip-to-country database by clicking on the update button in the settings screen.

6 March 2007 | FireStats | 3 Comments

New Swedish maintainer

Markus Magnuson took over the maintenance of the Swedish translation, thanks!

6 March 2007 | FireStats | Comments Off on New Swedish maintainer

FireStats 1.2.0-beta is released!

After much work, FireStats 1.2.0-beta is out! Check the New and noteworthy page here. Note: This is beta version, only install if you can handle possible problems, if in doubt – wait for the stable release. You can download it from the usual place. Major new features: Multiple sites support (Ticket #111) Hits table filter […]

4 March 2007 | FireStats | 10 Comments







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