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Archives for July 2007

FireStats 1.3.0-beta!

I am proud to announce that FireStats 1.3.0-beta is released. this is a major release, that includes some very important features. he highlights of this version are (from the change log): Support for archiving historical data automatically or manually. This will reduce the required storage on the database and improve performance. (Ticket #82) FireStats now […]

14 July 2007 | FireStats | 7 Comments

FireStats is not sleeping

Its been two months since FireStats 1.2.4-stable was released, which is like a small eternity in FireStats years. mean while, I continued to work on FireStats, and 1.3 viagra india.0-beta will be out the door soon. New things to expect:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Compacting of historical data: FireStats is the only […]

11 July 2007 | FireStats | 1 Comment

Slovene translation contributed

Vid Kosir contributed Slovene translation!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) This brings the ever growing number of translations to a whooping 16. The new translation is included with the updated FireStats 1.2.4 archive.

3 July 2007 | FireStats | Comments Off on Slovene translation contributed







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