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FireStats for WordPress MU

New experimental support for WordPress MU is available.
While there are a bunch of known issues, its ready for some beta testing.

Read this for more information.

5 August 2007 | FireStats | 1 Comment

FireStats 1.3.0-beta!

I am proud to announce that FireStats 1.3.0-beta is released.
this is a major release, that includes some very important features.
he highlights of this version are (from the change log):

Check the New and Noteworthy page for screenshots.


This is a beta release, while I personally use it on my blogs and on, I don’t recommend using it for anything other than beta
However, I will appreciate any brave souls that will help with the testing.

14 July 2007 | FireStats | 7 Comments

FireStats is not sleeping

Its been two months since FireStats 1.2.4-stable was released, which is like a small eternity in FireStats years.
mean while, I continued to work on FireStats, and 1.3 viagra india.0-beta will be out the door soon.

New things to expect:

and more…
The 1.3 release will be the best ever.

11 July 2007 | FireStats | 1 Comment

Slovene translation contributed

Vid Kosir contributed Slovene translation!

This brings the ever growing number of translations to a whooping 16.

The new translation is included with the updated FireStats 1.2.4 archive.

3 July 2007 | FireStats | Comments Off on Slovene translation contributed

Feed address changed

I stopped using Feedburner. the feed address is now:

Please update the address in your feed reader.

8 June 2007 | FireStats blog | 4 Comments

Commercial usage terms updated

I updated the commercial use terms of FireStats.
Comments are welcomed.

5 June 2007 | FireStats | 8 Comments

FireStats 1.2.4-stable

FireStats 1.2  is finally stable (or so I hope).

Download from the usual place.

12 May 2007 | FireStats | 3 Comments

FireStats 1.2.2 – RC2 released

FireStats 1.2.2 – Release candidate 2 was released.
This is a bug-fix release for 1.2.1-RC1.

From the changelog:

17 April 2007 | FireStats | 5 Comments

Security hole closed

A security hole was discovered and fixed.
The hole effects all versions, and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

13 March 2007 | FireStats | 5 Comments

New Chinese and Japanese translations

Its been pretty quiet in the Languages front for a while, and all the sudden there is a load of Activity:

SinoNeptune contacted me with a new Simplified Chinese translation, the next Day AWFlasher contacted me here on the blog about the same thing, and now they are cooperating and maintaining the translation together.
I thought that was good enough, but then I received Japanese translation from Sano Atsushi!

Both translations are included in the 1.1.5-stable download, and will be available in the 1 viagra generika rezeptfrei.2.0-beta soon.

This brings the number of supported languages to a whooping 15!

Thanks guys!

9 March 2007 | FireStats | 2 Comments

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